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Proton Iriz 2014 Launched In Malaysia

Proton Iriz 2014 designed for the world, and making its debut in its home, here’s is the all-new 2014 Proton Iriz: finally launched in Malaysia, with a total of four variants for you to choose from.

Choices of 1.3-litre or 1.6-litre engines are available within the range, paired with either manual or CVT automatic transmissions.

Most of you may have already seen the all-new Proton Iriz in full already, with the company’s chairman, Tun Dr M, taking it out for a public spin just over a week ago in KL, and the countless times its been spied, leaked and what not.

It’s been a long time coming since we first heard news of the Proton Iriz you see here today, and since then, it’s been called all kinds of names (P2-30A, GSC, new Savvy, PCC etc.). Built on an entirely new platform, the Proton Iriz is a car that’s been designed from birth to be a global model; a “game changer for the export program,” if you will. And that leaves it with some pretty big shoes to fill.

But putting aside Proton’s international aspirations for a moment, there’s a strong sense of one singular purpose amongst Proton over its Iriz, and that’s first and foremost to displace the Perodua Myvi as the country’s no.1 seller.

The car itself is a breath of fresh air; just seeing more of it on the road should be quite exciting. Inside, it’s more of the same, with the Iriz looking miles ahead of the Myvi’s best in terms of tech, packaging and what not. Then you have the high amount of safety features which are maintained throughout ALL variants of the Iriz (only the airbag count differs on the 1.6 Premium), and again is something to worry the Myvi.

Prices, as you see above, make all the Iriz variants direct competitors to the Myvi’s entire range, stretching from the base Myvi 1.3 XT (RM41,936), to the Myvi 1.5 Extreme (RM61,240).

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